Ross Revenge - Heritage Studio

The most instantly recognisable of the four studios onboard Ross Revenge, Studio 1 - the 'Heritage' Studio is steeped in nostalgia and was home to legendary broadcasts on many frequencies, including 319, 519 and 558.

Pictured opposite is Studio 1 equipped with cutting edge equipment of that time, including;

  • Gates Dualux Console
  • Russco Turntables
  • NAB Carts

For those familiar with the movie by Richard Curtis, 'The Boat That Rocked', it was the broadcasting equipment from this studio that was taken from the Ross Revenge and used in the movie.

Located just above the three NAB Cart machines is a vision panel that looks directly into Studio 2, previously the dutch broadcasting Monique Studio, and which is now home to the Radio Caroline North (Manx) Broadcasts.

Ross Revenge Hospital Ships Hospital
Prior to the Radio Caroline Santander conversions, back in the Freyr and Ross Revenge fishing days this area was used as the ships Hospital.

As you can the see from the original 1959 Freyr construction plans, the Hospital only occupied some two thirds of what is now the Heritage Studio leaving an 800mm passageway out onto the Stern deck.