Radio Monique Studio

From 1984 to 1987 Studio 2 was occupied by Radio Monique.

With Radio Caroline struggling to achieve enough advertising to continue alone, 1984 saw Radio Monique entering into an agreement with Ronan O Rahilly and Radio Caroline to rent airtime onboard the Ross Revenge to facilitate their dutch speaking programs.

Broadcasting on 963kHz intended originally for Belgium and Holland, thanks to Radio Caroline's transmitters Monique's signal was audible in many other countries - including the UK.

In 1987 Radio Monique was sold, and due to Finland opening up a 600kW transmitter on the 963kHz frequency they were moved onto the 819kHz frequency. Shortly after in November that year the UK was battered by storms, eventually leading to the transmitter mast collapsing into the sea. Whilst Radio Caroline were able to get back on air relatively easy using a makeshift aerial - Caroline were unable to offer Monique the same level of service that they had become accustomed to.

During 2004, whilst berthed in Tilbury, Studio 2 received a complete makeover which paved the way for the present day Caroline North broadcasts.