Ross Revenge Overdrive Studio

After Radio Caroline's return to the airwaves in 1983 they realised that competition would now be a greater issue than previously encountered - in particular Laser 558 who were heavily populated with advertisements. Whilst Radio Caroline had their own incomes from rented space to Radio Monique and Viewpoint (Religious Broadcast) it was felt than an alternative to the mainstream 558 broadcast was needed - Caroline Overdrive was born.

Caroline Overdrive first went live on air January 1st 1986 with the legendary DJ, Tom Anderson, in the chair. An all night program, with a minimum of chatter and jingles, Overdrive although very popular fell victim to the rising popularity in religious broadcasts, with its start time continuously pushed back. Transmitter maintenance issues and the lack of Anderson's involvement eventually saw the end of Overdrive in late 1986.

Vegetable Cold Store
Located on main deck level towards the Stern of
the ship, the Overdrive Studio found itself in the unlikely location of what used to be the ships Vegetable Cold Store.

Nestled in between the Freyr/Revenge stern Wash Room and Potato Store and directly opposite Studio 4 - the Religious Studio.