The introduction of the 1987 Territorial Sea Act moved Britains territorial waters from 3 to 12 miles, and with it forcing Ross Revenge from its relatively sheltered position at Knock Deep to almost mid channel between England and France southwards to South Falls Head

October 1987 also saw the worst storm the UK had encountered since records began and whilst the Ross Revenge was left battered and bruised from the storm - Radio Caroline were one of the only radio station on the south coast of the UK still to be broadcasting the next day. Unbeknown was the extent of damage the 300ft mast had incurred, which had been put under enormous strain during the storm, causing metal fatique to the base of the mast.

Almost a month later a second storm proved too much for the iconic mast, with it shearing at the base and stays having to be cut to release the mast into the sea.