Freyr At Sea

Freyr Maiden Voyage

1960 - 1963 - FREYR AT SEA
The Freyr's days at sea were somewhat limited, in total - working 3 years from October 1960 to 1963 out of Reykjavic - and as such, information for this period is extremely difficult to find . What we do know is that as one of the largest trawlers of this time, the sheer size of the Freyr proved impractical for docking within Reykjavic harbour so new owners were sought.

Built for Isbjörninn, one of Icelands leading fish processing companies, Freyr was built as a double sided trawler, with a strengthened Bow for ice breaking, and her fishing grounds were primarily in and around Greenland. Her last fishing trip ended with the haul being unloaded at Cuxhaven, Germany.

Freyr At Sea


Towards the end of 1963 the Freyr was aquired by Grimsby based Ross Trawlers Ltd and left Iceland for the UK with a part Icelandic and part British crew - destined for Grimsby UK.

Some years later Isbjörninn were also bought out by what is now one the worlds leading fish processors, HB Grandi - Vikingur and Sigurdur came hand in hand with the HB Grandi takeover until their fishing days ended at the hand of the cutters torch